Manufacturer of glass nail files

The company was founded in 2008 and it deals with the processing of glass and fragile materials. In the past, our company mainly focused on the production of the glass nail files. At the beginning we had only machined the final form of the nail files and then we had sent this semi-finished product to the follow-up manufacturing. Currently, we provide wide manufacturing range and we are able to provide both semi-products and ready for use products.

Glass possesses great abrasive qualities and provides unusual look for nail files. We have prepared nail files, rough foot scraper files, rounded or arched nail files, manicure sticks – everything in various shapes, sizes, colours and design.

We also produce glass disks which are used mainly in the industry for the level gauges or peepholes etc. Unlike the classic glass cutting, the method of glass grinding enables to achieve high level of precision, and mechanical and thermal resistance.